Thermodynamic Hot Water Panels Make Their Way to Sheffield

Thermodynamic Hot Water Panels Make Their Way to Sheffield

The Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Hot Water system was released on to the UK market last year by its Yorkshire based distributors Infinity Innovations Ltd.

Since it’s release, this fantastic solution to solar hot water heating has been distributed across the entire UK including the towns and cities within South Yorkshire.

With the ability to work in any weather, including freezing conditions and at even at night, this quality hot water heater uses the thermodynamic principle alongside the most advanced heat pump technology, to generate what can potentially be – free hot water.

Unlike solar pv panels, this thermodynamic hot water system uses a different kind of solar energy, as is does not require substantial amounts of sun to work. With the changeable weather that Yorkshire often experiences, it is arguable that there could not be a more suitable and reliable solar hot water system in Sheffield and surrounding South Yorkshire towns.

Bunsen Air Distributors – Infinity Innovations Ltd.

Infinity Innovations Ltd supply solar energy systems to installers across the entire UK, but they also act as solar energy suppliers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Thanks to their successful launch in 2017, alongside their now established network of UK installers, the Solamics Bunsen Air has fast become one of the lead thermodynamic solar hot water panel systems to be associated with the Sheffield renewable heating circuit. Consequent to the launch of the Bunsen Air, this Yorkshire company have also been featured in their local newspaper.

Their Yorkshire business centre acts as both a hub for Bunsen hot water system distribution, alongside the official Bunsen Air training centre. This is a centre for which installers can receive specialist training in Bunsen installation.

As a result of the fantastic Bunsen Air training their Yorkshire renewables centre offers, Infinity Innovations have now developed relationships with partners across the UK, and have established a National Installation Package, meaning that Infinity Innovations Ltd. can always put Bunsen Air customers in touch with the specially trained installation experts who are local to them wherever they may be in the UK..

Sheffield’s answer to renewable hot water?

These amazing solar hot water panels and hot water system, can generate up to 100% of a user’s hot water come rain or shine – not requiring the sun to work. This means that Bunsen Air Sheffield customers, can enjoy no end to hot water whatever the weather.

The Bunsen thermodynamic system consists of the internal Bunsen Unit which contains a heat pump and is connected to a hot water cylinder, and two thermodynamic hot water panels which are externally mounted. The system then works off these two circuits that interact with each other. Ultimately it is the process of compressing and transferring the energy collected from the outside elements (whether that be rain, wind or snow) via a specialist refrigerant which moves around the external solar water panels, that consequently results in hot water generation.

This Sheffield renewable energy supplier is pleased to announce that the Bunsen Air system has been awarded an energy efficiency rating A, which is not only a brilliant achievement, but is the highest possible grade available for a system of its kind.

Pushing forward for Bunsen Air success in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire water heating companies and Sheffield solar installers have given fantastic Bunsen Air reviews and feedback following their experience of the Solamics Bunsen Air thermodynamic water heater during installation. A recent increase in Sheffield Bunsen Air installations has made it clear that Sheffield and South Yorkshire are growing more excited about the saving potential of this thermodynamic hot water option.


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