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Bunsen Controller


The Bunsen Air Controller allows a range of advanced settings to be selected to maximise the efficiency and convenience of this renewable hot water system.

The Bunsen Air is designed to replace your existing hot water heating system. It is not designed just to contribute, but to allow you to turn off your existing boiler, and let the Bunsen Air take over.

Accordingly there are a number of additional features which allow you to boost performance.

Fully Automatic

There are a few options to your hot water heating choices

Fully Automatic
single target

You select a target temperature for your hot water, and each time the Bunsen Air detects a drop in your cylinder temperature of 5 degrees, it will heat your hot water back to temperature.

Fully Automatic
multiple target

You can choose up to 3 different target temperatures for 3 periods of the day. So you can prioritise daytime heating to fully heat your cylinder (great option if you have solar pv), and then have lower for the evening, and another for night-time when you are not using the hot water.



The unit is extremely quiet, but not silent, so if needed you can select up to 2 periods of the day when the unit does or does not run. These periods work in conjunction with the above two options.


Once a week (you can select the time and day) the system will heat your cylinder to 60 degrees to protect against Legionella disease.

Boost Functions

If you choose to have your immersion wired into the Bunsen Unit, then you can program some Boost functions:

Daily Boost

You can set a lower Boost temperature and have it pre-set for a time of the day. If during this time your temperature drops below the boost temperature them both the Bunsen and immersion will work to recover the temperature, once the lower Boost temperature is achieved it will stop the immersion and just continue to heat using the Bunsen Air. If you don’t drop below the Boost temperature it will not call on the immersion.

Anti-Legionella Boost

If the immersion is connected it will use both the immersion and the Bunsen Air to reach the 60 degrees temperature (if no immersion then the Bunsen will run on its own).

Single Boost

This will use both the immersion and the Bunsen unit to recover heat to your target temperature.

The Controller allows you to either have the system on default settings, or to programme some preferences according to your requirements.

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