Bunsen Unit

Technical Advancement

The Bunsen Unit is a solar powered heat pump. There are other types of heat pumps – Air source use the temperature from the air, Ground source us the temperature from the ground. The Bunsen uses the two external hot water panels which transfer heat from the air temperature, wind, rain, sunlight or even snow. All our natural elements have a contributing effect.

The job of the Bunsen Unit, is to extract the heat from the refrigerant gas as it returns from the solar collector panels, and transfer it to the water which is circulated from the hot water cylinder to take the heat away.

The Bunsen unit

Solamics Ltd. have incorporated next generation technology to provide the Bunsen Air unit with exceptional performance. The Bunsen Air | Therodynamic Hot Water System will spend most of the time in Stand-by mode. Once it has returned your cylinder back to the required target temperature, it switches to stand-by and only comes back on if water temperature drops below the required water temperature.

The faster the eco water heating system can reheat the water the less energy is used, and the more efficient the system. Therefore, as well as the technical advantages of the two ‘patent pending’ Solamics hot water panels, the design and power of the Bunsen Unit is critical to fast efficient re-heating.

The Bunsen unit

The Bunsen Air unit is full of next generation technical advancements:

Water Pump

The Wras approved water pump uses only a very small amount of power. Integrated into the unit this also reduces noise levels, and simplifies the installation.

Tube in Tube
Heat Exchanger

This highly efficient option is a very robust choice, it greatly limits the problems that can arise from lime-scale build up in some areas.


This allows the volume of refrigerant to be constantly regulated for increased operational efficiency.

Rotary Compressor

Simply more powerful than other compressor types

In addition to the component and design development which are based around power and efficiency, we have also pushed the boundaries in other areas:

Quiet operating noise
The Bunsen Air is officially rated by the ERP testing laboratories as 40.8 dBa which we believe is the quietest rating of any similar system.

Slim Attractive Design
he Bunsen Unit is a slim wall mounted unit, with an attractive high quality chassis to complement the level of quality under the cover.

Powerful Functionality

The Bunsen Air solar assisted heat pump has an extremely efficient and powerful compressor, with a small intelligent water pump to minimise running time and therefore costs, while maximising reheat times. The intelligent electronic valve system allows the Bunsen Air solar assisted heat pump to constantly monitor and manage all aspects of its performance throughout the heating cycle.

Audible Alarm System

The Bunsen Air | Solar Heat Pump will let you know if any factors are affecting its performance. An audible alarm will sound to let you know there may be an issue. At the same time the intelligent controller system will automatically switch to immersion heater operations to ensure continuation of your hot water system and give you total support when investigating any possible issue. Therefore, the Bunsen Air | Thermodynamic Water Heating can back itself up should anything interfere with normal performance.

Automatic Performance

The Bunsen Air | Eco Water Heater Unit will heat your hot water 24 hrs a day, all year round. If you wish to do so, you can simply set the unit on the default settings, which will always heat your water back to 55°C as soon as it detects a 5°C drop in the hot water cylinder temperature. Once the target temperature of the cylinder is reached, the Bunsen Air Hot Water System will switch itself off. This means you can always have hot water from your hot water system whenever you need it.

Intelligent Controller Functions  

The Bunsen Air | Thermodynamic, Solar Hot Water System has further advanced setting options, allowing you to program when the Bunsen unit does or does not operate, and even adjust the target temperatures within these operating times. You can program up to 3 operational time zones with 3 different target temperatures. This means that if you like silence only during specific hours of the night, you can make sure the unit cannot switch on. Or if you wish to prioritise daytime running when the hot water system unit is even more efficient, you can chose Run Zone times and temperatures to get your greatest domestic hot water heating requirements during the warmer daylight hours.

Automatic Anti-Legionella Function

The Bunsen Air is programmed to heat the cylinder up to 60°C once a week for disinfection and Anti-Legionella protection of your domestic hot water system. This can be set to be achieved either by the Bunsen Air unit, or by both the Bunsen Air unit and the immersion. The day and time can be adjusted, although Friday mid-afternoon is generally a good time so there is even more domestic hot water waiting for you at the end of the week when you get ready to go out on the town!