Bunsen Availability

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The Bunsen Air thermodynamic solar water heater is sold as one system for Thermodynamic Hot Water, and is now available both Nationally and Internationally

It features system components: Bunsen Unit, Bunsen Panels, Cylinder, Bunsen Controller, Accessories, and is now available for distribution across the entire of the UK and Ireland, alongside many International Locations.


International Bunsen | Thermodynamic Solar Water Heater Availability


The Bunsen Air Unit, Bunsen Air Panels, Bunsen Air Cylinder, Bunsen Air Controller and Bunsen Air Accessories can now be dispatched as entire Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems to International Locations across the World.

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Bunsen Packages


The system can be sold as a number of package types, whether that be the Bunsen Air System, Bunsen Air with cylinder, or  a new pressurised Cylinder system if you do not already have a cylinder as part of your existing hot water system.