Can the Bunsen Air system work with any hot water cylinder?

Although the answer is yes, the Bunsen Air green water heating system can be fitted with any existing water cylinder, Solamics would recommend upgrading your hot water cylinder, to ensure the best possible saving on water retention.

Do I still need my existing hot water heating system?

As the Bunsen Air is a a thermodynamic solar hot water system that works all year round, it is also a fully reliable form of green hot water heating. Alongside this, the BOOST function on the Bunsen means that you always have access to additional hot water when required.

Like any mechanical system however, there is always potential for break-down, therefore it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to keep your existing hot water system as an emergency back up.

How long does it take to fit?

This does depend on the property and installation site following survey. Generally we suggest that installation will not take any more than one day. If the system is to be retrofitted to an existing hot water cylinder and hot water circuit, installation may be quicker than an entire hot water circuit renovation. Pipework and plumbing requirements are all considered during your hot water system installation survey.

Does it matter where the Bunsen panels go?

These thermodynamic solar hot water systems are designed to work in the dark, rain, hail, snow and other natural weather elements, however they can also benefit from being positioned in airflow and direct sunlight if it is possible to do so.

The aim during installation is to keep the Bunsen Hot Water Unit and the Hot Water Panels as close to each other as possible, without impacting on the optimum position of the hot water panels, this is to ensure that the Bunsen refrigeration pipework is not over stretched.

How many Bunsen panels do I need?

The Bunsen Air is designed with two panels, the reason for this is to optimise surface area and therefore energy generation.

The hot water panels provide users with the fastest possible reheat time, as maximum energy can be taken in from the refrigerant moving through both water solar panels.

Do I need to set timings for it to work?

No you don’t, of you wish you can simple leave the system in the default settings and it will always heat up automatically. However the option to set the times of operation can ensure the unit is not running through the night – if the slight noise is a disturbance, or you can delay it running in the morning (for example) to wait for the outside air temperature to warm up.

What Does ERP A mean?

The ERP Directive, which is a new regulation set by the European Union, is designed to drive improvements in the efficiency and performance of heating and hot water products. The ErP regulations cover boilers, combination boilers, water heaters and other heating appliances up to