Solamics Ltd. brought together over 12 years of Research & Development data into the science of thermodynamic water heating systems, with modern heat pump expertise to create the Bunsen Air, Thermodynamic Hot Water System.

Solamics have Goals for Excellence whenever they develop a new solar product:


Power, Efficiency, Sound, Controls, Aesthetics, Cost


The quality and efficiency of the Bunsen Air has now allowed Solamics Ltd to research extensive new applications for this highly efficient technology.

About Us

Solamics Technology Ltd. introduces a new solar heating technology which allows hot water heating from the free energy in the atmosphere. Many years of research and development into the best heat pumps, new solar technology and systems of solar heating has developed the Bunsen Air thermodynamic hot water system. This thermodynamic water heating system transfers the abundant energy in the atmosphere using 2 externally mounted solar collector panels to heat the water in your domestic hot water cylinder. The Bunsen Air system can comfortably produce 100% of any domestic hot water requirements.

The Bunsen Air is a low energy system, using only the required electricity to run a small pump and a compressor, and accordingly is extremely cheap to run, as all the energy from the atmosphere is free! Specifically developed for the U.K. climate this technology is not dependent on direct sunlight, unlike most other types of solar hot water heater. Instead energy is transferred from even the coldest weather, and works day and night – the perfect solution for the U.K. climate.

The Bunsen Air unit has benefited from over 12 years of data specific to the research and development of Thermodynamic hot water systems. The Bunsen Air can be simply retrofit to any existing hot water cylinder, or be installed with a new one, turning the hot water cylinder into a solar system which can generate 100% of a households hot water requirements. Infinity Innovations Ltd. have been instrumental in the development of this product in partnership with Solamics Ltd. and are the sole distributors for the U.K. and European markets.