Bunsen Air



The Bunsen Air Solar Hot Water System can be used to upgrade your existing hot water system, to create renewable hot water through thermodynamic technology.


Improve your

If you have a very old cylinder, then it is likely to be poorly insulated. You therefore, may choose to upgrade to a new efficient cylinder at the same time as installing your Bunsen Air, Thermodynamic Water Heating System.

Upgrade Your Cylinder

Simple fit to
your existing

If you already have a suitable hot water cylinder, then you can leave your existing cylinder and heating unit in place, simply retrofitting a Bunsen Air hot water system to take over the generation of your hot water. In this case, your cylinder now becomes the store for your new thermodynamic, solar hot water system.


Add a

If you don’t have a hot water cylinder in your home, but you wish to upgrade to mains pressure hot water throughout your property, then we can install a new pressurised cylinder, along with the Bunsen Air Solar Hot Water Heater to take over your properties hot water heating.