Solar Hot Water Panel Installation in East Yorkshire

Solar Hot Water Panel Installation in East Yorkshire

The best models of renewable system, most definitely deserve the best possible installation and care…

It is for this reason that Solamics Bunsen Air felt it was their absolute responsibility to ensure that the installation of the Bunsen Air thermodynamic hot water system, reflected the quality of the system itself.

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Following the release of their thermodynamic solar hot water system last year, Infinity Innovations Ltd. have established a network of installers, who are now specially trained in Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Water Heater installation, and available to service customers in the installation of Bunsen Air systems, wherever they might be in the UK.

Infinity Innovations Ltd. made all of this a possibility by introducing their Nationwide Installation Support Service, which involved inviting installers to their specialist Yorkshire training centre, to receive hands on training in Bunsen Air installation.

Infinity Innovations Ltd. chose to do this, not only in an attempt to increase Bunsen Air availability across the entire of the UK, but also to ensure that those installing the system fully understand it, as the quality of this hot water system should most definitely be reflected in the installation and after care surrounding the Bunsen eco water heater.

Any existing barriers that had previously prevented people from investing in thermodynamic solar hot water solutions are also removed, as it had previously been too difficult for customers to find the suitably trained and qualified specialists, local to where they lived, to install their hot water system for a reasonable price, after purchase.

Meaning that there is now a Bunsen Air installer who can support you with installation, almost wherever you are in the UK…

East Yorkshire Bunsen Training Opportunities

Bordering North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire which is situated within the County of Yorkshire in England, can also now (thanks to the Nationwide Installer Support Service), benefit from the Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Solar Water Heater, with its distributors Infinity Innovations Ltd. only based over in neighbouring West Yorkshire.

It is clear that there is a healthy supply of solar energy suppliers in East Yorkshire, so Infinity Innovations Ltd. would like to encourage and invite renewable energy companies in the East Riding of Yorkshire alongside East Yorkshire installers, to visit them at their training centre, where they would be provided with a chance to receive unique Bunsen Air installation training.

This would also be an excellent opportunity for East Yorkshire plumbers who are considering developing unique skills and expertise in a particular thermodynamic solar hot water system to represent install a new state of the art renewable hot water system for customers across the UK.

This training, alongside their F Gas installer status, would mean that plumbers in East Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire F-gas registered companies, can benefit from being some of the first in the country with the expert knowledge and training, to responsibly install a Solamics Bunsen Air Hot Water system.

Only when Bunsen Air installers and suppliers really experience the system in this way, do they fully appreciate its superiority to similar and existing thermodynamic hot water systems.

It is for this reason, that Infinity Innovations Ltd would like to expand its network of installers, so that they can be based more locally to their home towns, and not required to travel as long distances to attend Nationwide Bunsen Air installations.

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