Let’s Talk Installation in North Yorkshire

Let’s Talk Installation in North Yorkshire

Solamics Bunsen Air have now established a network of installers for the UK and Ireland, meaning that there is no longer a question of, “Where will I be able to find the specialist trades required to install this technology”.

Having launched the Bunsen Air| Eco Water Heater on to the market last year, Infinity Innovations Ltd wanted to expand its availability and essentially break down existing installation barriers, that at one time could have deterred any one business from wanting to invest in this environmentally friendly system, as they had previously been unable to find the appropriately qualified personnel to install it.

Thanks to Infinity Innovations Ltd.’s. Nationwide Install to Fit Service, we are now able to put our customers in touch with the trades people required to install this fantastic thermodynamic solar hot water system.

Meaning that there is now a specialist Bunsen Air installer who can travel to almost wherever you are in the UK…

North Yorkshire – It’s your turn

Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK, as it is also split into 4 sub-counties. Infinity Innovations Ltd. who are based in West Yorkshire themselves, needed to consider how they could accommodate trade needs for the entire county, and not just at their warehouse in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

It turned out, that Solar Energy Suppliers in North Yorkshire were showing a lot of interest in the Bunsen Air, and therefore Infinity Innovations Ltd. sought to invite a handful of  installers to their Training Centre, where they would be provided with expert training in Bunsen Air installation, and benefit from being some of the first in the country to develop the specialist knowledge and training required to responsibly install such a specialist hot water system.

This training, has meant that North Yorkshire solar energy suppliers near you now benefit from being able to access the specialist hot water system installers required to set up a Bunsen Air, communicating with the trades people they need for successful Bunsen installation.

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