The Bunsen Air – Hot by Nature

How we can use nature to effectively heat our water

The Bunsen Air – Hot by Nature

What is ‘Natural Hot Water’?

There are multiple ways in which water is both naturally heated, or made ‘hot by nature’, and here are just two examples…

Some water has been made hot naturally, within its own environment. Iceland for example, is well known to be a place of ‘fire and ice’, and is the home of many hot springs, which have occurred naturally over time as a result of the countries increased geothermal activity.

Equally, some water can be made ‘hot by nature’, with the assistance of technological developments that now allow such natural processes to happen.

Solar Assisted Heat pumps and natural hot water

Take for example, Thermodynamic Water Heating Systems, these clever little things can make water hot using the naturally occurring elements within our climate.

Snow, wind, rain, hail and even sub-zero temperatures don’t need to be a bad thing –the ‘Beast from the East’ served as a harsh reminder of just how powerful nature can be. But they are after all just natural occurrences, and we should make the most of them and use them to our own benefit.

Thermodynamic Heat Pumps use the thermodynamic principle to heat water, taking in the ambient energy from the natural elements, and turning it into hot water, this can happen day and night, so when you’re tucked up in bed, your water is heating up ready for that morning shower.

Just two thermodynamic, solar collector panels placed on the outside of a property, and a Thermodynamic, Solar Hot Water Heater inside, can essentially generate all of a person’s hot water needs, day and night, in ANY weather, using energy – that is naturally occurring.

Making the most of those miserable days as well as the sunny ones

Why is it that we make so much of the sunshine, but not any other weather? We use nature in this way to generate our electricity, we can use the sun to heat water through solar thermal technology, but ultimately can we really rely on just the sun?

Thermodynamic technology, allows us to make the most of even the most wet, cold and miserable days alongside the sunshine, but ironically, these benefits have so far not been taken advantage of.

There are 8760 hours in a year, whereas according to a source, the UK averages 1493 hours of sunshine a year, so if the technology is now available to make the most of the 7,267 hours a year that we don’t see sunshine, alongside the days we do, surely, we should be jumping at the chance to harness it?

Using nature to help the environment.

Shockingly, in the UK, 98% of domestic and commercial greenhouse gas emissions from heat, reportedly come from space and water heating methods.

In light of our increasing awareness of the damage that CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions are doing to our planet, many of us now seek to support nature and our environment, by trying to reduce our own carbon footprints with the use of renewable systems.

This is fantastic, as renewable technology is the answer to how we can continue to improve the environment and our effect on it.

Not only providing water that is made hot by nature, thermodynamic hot water systems also help us to support and care for nature and our environment – they are low energy, sunless, solar energy systems, that use the ambient energy from natural occurrences and temperatures within the environment, to heat water. As they are fully reliable 365 days a year, they are also a fantastic way of reducing your carbon footprint 365 days a year, alongside your energy bills!

A thought to end…

If we make the most of the sunshine, there is no reason why we shouldn’t make the most of whatever nature throws at us, and solar assisted heat pumps are the perfect way to do this, whilst caring for our environment at the same time.

The Bunsen Air generates hot water that has been made hot by nature, and can turn even the most miserable day into a relaxing hot bath or shower, and fill your sink with lovely hot water, ready for the kids to wash up!

Why use nature to heat water? Because nature is free, and your hot water can be too!