Solamics Bunsen Air – Inside My Innovation

Solamics Bunsen Air – Inside My Innovation

What am I?

  • I was officially launched on to the UK market last year following my Energy Efficiency – A rating
  • I am a new form of solar hot water heating, and the product of 12 years research and development into the best heat pump technology, thermodynamic principle and new solar technology.
  • I work by transferring the abundant energy in the atmosphere through both my externally mounted solar collector panels to your domestic hot water cylinder
  • I can provide for 100% of your hot water needs 365 days a year
  • I have been specifically developed for the UK environment, and do not rely on sunlight!
  • I like all weather, rain, hail, snow and wind, and can remain efficient in very low temperatures
  • I even work at night
  • I am a low energy system and require very little electricity to run
  • I am the ONLY HIES Approved Thermodynamic Hot Water System in the UK

I am the Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Hot Water System!

Did you know… I can simply retrofit to any existing hot water cylinder, or be installed with a new one, turning the hot water cylinder into a solar system which can generate 100% of your hot water requirements.

How do I work? 

My 2 thermodynamic hot water panels are fitted outside your property either on the roof wall or mounted from the floor, and an o-zone safe refrigerant (which naturally boils at -26 degrees), moves through my panels, harvesting the FREE energy from the air and outside weather

As my refrigerant heats up, it changes state from a liquid to a ‘super-heated vapor’. The ‘super-heated vapor’ flows back to my Bunsen, water heating controller, where heat is transferred via my heat exchanger – directly to your hot water cylinder.

Did you know… I can be programmed to suit your lifestyle, turning on when you need me. When I am set to automatic mode, I also turn on when I detect a 5°C in air temperature, and will heat your water cylinder back up to 55°C.

Who created me?

Infinity Innovations Ltd. have been hugely influential in my development in partnership with Solamics Ltd, and are my sole distributors for the U.K. and European markets.

Did you know… I have been receiving some amazing feedback from installers who have described me as being 35% more efficient than any similar systems they have encountered.

Why me and not another similar system?

  • I am affordable
  • Unlike my competitors I am initially sold as a dual panel system – dual panels = higher power
  • I am the first system of my kind to feature dual exhaust technology, this means that I give higher power and efficiency which single flow channels cannot achieve.
  • I am the only thermodynamic hot water system to be HIES approved in the UK
  • As I have superior reheat times, I actually spend very little time running each day, and most of my time in Stand By.
  • I have been independently tested for noise levels, performance and power
  • I have exceptional noise levels of just 41db
  • The estimated saving on energy usage I could apply to your hot water is around 70% compared to a standard electric water heating or immersion heater.
  • I feature a next generation rotary compressor for higher power and efficient recovery times
  • I have rated electrical power of just 444w
  • I can be set to different target temperatures for different times – so I run less and can be isolated when not needed

Did you know… My distributor Infinity Innovations Ltd, were featured in their local newspaper with a story about my innovation.

Who distributes me?

Infinity Innovations Ltd, and manufacturers Solamics distribute me to installers and other solar energy suppliers.

If you are an end customer, Infinity Innovations Ltd can provide contact details on your local Bunsen Air supplier.

How can you learn more about me?

Infinity Innovations Ltd have a training centre, where they can provide entirely free installer training and training for customers wishing to learn more about me.

Did you know… The entire Infinity Innovations Ltd team have excellent technical knowledge when It comes to you guessed it… me! They are always on hand to offer support or answer any questions.

Contact Infinity Innovations on this websites ‘Contact’ page, to learn more about me!