Paces Ahead

The Bunsen Air - Solar Assisted Heat pump technology, that is moving ‘PACES’ ahead

Paces Ahead

“Not just a renewable system, this is an intelligent piece of technology, and an example of engineering excellence” – Jake Findlay – Company Director

How the Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Hot Water System is moving paces ahead of existing systems

It is no secret, that there are now various thermodynamic hot water systems on the UK market and beyond. Thermodynamic technology all be it a relatively new water heating concept, is on the up, already catering for the hot water needs of thousands of homes across the UK.

The big question is – what makes certain solar hot water systems stand out from their competitors, and how the technology involved moves some systems ‘paces’ ahead of the rest?

Much like looking to improve and upgrade the features of a mobile phone, by fitting it with an intelligent camera or the latest interactive technology, it is the core objective of any thermodynamic system manufacturer, to look for the newest and most innovative ways to improve on the integral design features and components of any solar hot water system, to further increase performance and efficiency.

It is this design, that determines just how effectively the thermodynamic principle can be applied to the thermodynamic heat pump itself, and in the case of the Bunsen Air| Green Water Heating System, make it “Not just a renewable system – but an intelligent piece of technology, and an example of engineering excellence” – Jake Findlay – Company Director.

The Bunsen Air Thermodynamic Water Heating System falls into 6 categories of design, that have now resulted in it moving ‘PACES’ ahead in power and performance. These categories can be summed up like this…

P  ower

Dual panels incorporate patent pending dual exhaust technology, increasing the performance of our  Bunsen Air Hot Water Panels by 30%! The Bunsen Water Heating Controller has also upgraded to rotary compressor technology alongside other technically superior components that have a significant influence on overall power and performance.


Designed with our customers in mind, the Bunsen Air Water Heater Unit is sleek and slim fitting, lying flat to an internal wall and located near your water cylinder. Its neutral design means that it should not intrude on the internal features of your home or take up any unnecessary space. An elegant touch pad design makes it easy to operate.

C  ontrols /  ost

The Bunsen Air features advanced setting options, that allow you to take control and tailor the system to meet your hot water needs. The intelligence of the Bunsen Water Heater Controller enables you to program your hot water at 3 operational time zones, and 3 target temperatures. There is also an option to set the system to automatic mode, which means that it will turn on automatically when it detects a drop-in cylinder temperature.

All of this is available at an excellent cost – systems such as the Bunsen Air, should offer households opportunity to improve their lifestyles at a price they can afford – without sacrificing on quality.

E  fficiency

This highly efficient solar hot water system is able to work day and night and, in any weather – taking free energy from the environment to create renewable hot water. The Bunsen Air can cope with temperatures below freezing, where as so many other hot water systems cannot!

S  ound

At only 40.8 decibels, the Bunsen Air is the quietest hot water system of its kind ever developed, meaning that there won’t be any disrupted days or sleepless nights, in fact – you’ll hardly even know it’s there!

Bunsen Air Field Trials and Bunsen Air Testing 

Solamics Ltd had vigorously tested every aspect of performance in line with these features, and through the manufacturing process, looked closely at how components could be changed and improved to maximise the power and efficiency of the Bunsen Air Solar Heat pump.

Official testing of the system, in line with the only recognised testing standard for a thermodynamic water heating system of this kind, resulted in a ERP A rating – the highest rating possible for a solar hot water pump.

Although not official data, field trials of the system also revealed staggering results, these field trials recorded reheat times in the dark, at night time with an outside air temperature of just 8 degrees. The system heated a cylinder from 30 – 53 degrees in 2 hours – using just over 1kw of energy… that’s around 14p to reheat a cylinder!

Why choose the Bunsen Air Solar Assisted Heat pump?

The Bunsen Air| Eco Water Heating System is currently the only system of it’s kind with integral components and design features, that surpass its competitors in terms of power and efficiency capabilities.

The easiest way to think about the Bunsen Air’s features, is by considering it as being ‘PACES’ ahead of other thermodynamic systems of its kind…

Power, Aesthetics, Control and Cost, Efficiency, and Sound all contribute to the performance capabilities of this clever piece of technology, and as a result, can provide for 100% of your hot water needs day and night, and indeed save you money!