Solamics Bunsen Air suppliers JEM Energy and KERR Innovations have had a rather busy month, with numerous Bunsen Air | Thermodynamic Hot Water system installations across the UK!


Installations of the Bunsen Air | Domestic Hot Water system are currently being carried out all over the UK , where last week alone, Solamics Bunsen Air : Renewable Hot Water system installations were completed in Penton Mewsey, Cheshire, West Molesey and Luton.

Each customer who invested in a Bunsen Air | Green Water Heating system had their property surveyed prior to installation, which also enables installers to determine the most appropriate place for the Bunsen Air | Solar Collector panels to be positioned on the property.

It turned out that for two of these installations, it would be best for the Bunsen Air | Hot Water Panels to be double stacked to save on space, whilst allowing full exposure to the natural elements that supply energy to the liquid refrigerant within the panels.

The Bunsen Air | Thermodynamic Water Heating System is available for installation across the UK and Ireland.

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