Future Thermo Ltd. are already seeing great results returned from the Bunsen Air

A report from Future Thermo Ltd

Future Thermo Ltd. are already seeing great results returned from the Bunsen Air

Future Thermo Ltd, a renewable energy company based in Keighley Yorkshire are already experiencing fantastic feedback from the sale of Bunsen Air hot water systems.

The company have recently invested in a number of Bunsen solar hot water systems, some of which were installed on customers’ homes in the UK last year.

How Mr Beaumont came to learn about the Bunsen Air

Mr Beaumont is a builder living in Yorkshire, he lives in a property where his hot water and heating needs were both supplied by oil.

Working in the building industry, Mr Beaumont was already familiar with some existing solar hot water systems, but having assessed his energy consumption and calculated what he was spending, decided to look further into a renewable hot water solution that could help him.

Having researched such products online, Mr Beaumont came across the Bunsen Air and wanted to find out more.

He contacted Future Thermo Ltd, (who are supplied by sole distributor of the Bunsen Air – Infinity Innovations Ltd), who then supported Mr Beaumont with his interest in the Bunsen, by discussing with him the benefits they believed an installation could bring, such as the Bunsen thermodynamic hot water system being able to…

. Provide for up to 100% of his hot water needs

. Reduce his energy usage by up to 70%

. Allow Mr Beaumont to save significantly in what he was paying for oil to supply his hot water

All considered, Mr Beaumont later made the decision to install a Bunsen Air solar hot water system not only on his own home, but on number of his own new build properties.

Mr Beaumont reported to Future Thermo…

“This system is spot on – I have been able to switch off oil feeding my hot water supply completely, and now rely fully on my Bunsen Air system, easy to use and does what it says on the tin, brilliant!”

Mr Beaumont went on to say “it’s great, and has far exceeded my expectations” He also said that “I have nothing but fantastic feedback from everyone that has purchased one of my properties with a Bunsen Air Installed. All my new build properties are installed with 200Lt water cylinders which Future Thermo supplied”

In light of this, Future Thermo Ltd have responded to Mr Beaumont’s report “It is great to know that our customers are achieving such fantastic results and so quickly, we are thrilled with this customer feedback and Mr Beaumont’s experience”.

Solamics Bunsen Air want people to understand that these predicted savings to energy usage and the potential for providing for 100% of your hot water needs are completely realistic.

Not just an added feature…

This piece of thermodynamic hot water technology is not just an added feature to an existing system, this thermodynamic hot water heater can act as a fully reliable means to heating water, and although we would never advise a customer to discard of an existing means to hot water completely (as with anything in life, it is always wise to have a back-up should on very rare occasion a system break down), we still want others to realise that by investing in Bunsen Air, you are investing in a piece of innovative technology, that has the potential to completely change your life and bring you huge financial savings.