Can Thermodynamic Water Heating Systems Produce Water That Is ‘Hot Enough’?

Solar assisted hot water - just how hot is ‘hot enough’?

Can Thermodynamic Water Heating Systems Produce Water That Is ‘Hot Enough’?

We already know that Thermodynamic Water Heating Systems such as the Bunsen Air, are capable of producing enough hot water to meet ALL of a household’s domestic hot water needs 365 days a year, but, at what temperature do we consider water to be ‘hot enough’, and how quickly can we get it?…

Water Heater Temperature Control and Recommended water temperatures

Did you know, that some doctors recommend you shouldn’t heat your shower or bath water to over 43.4°C, as any hotter than this can be harmful to health?

According to the Recommended Code of Practice for Safe Water Temperatures, there has also been evidence to indicate that the risk of scalding rapidly increases from temperatures of 45°C and above. For example, partial thickness burns will occur within 30 seconds at 55°C.

How hot is water produced by the Bunsen Air ?

The Bunsen Air heat pump water heater is ERP tested to be able to heat your water to 53°C, which I’m sure you would agree – is more than hot enough to meet the average domestic hot water requirements when heating hot water systems for homes.

Should you need it to, the system can reach higher temperatures, and is capable of heating water to a maximum temperature of 60°C once a week, (this is the required temperature for legionella control).

With this in mind, it would seem that any hotter could be too hot!

How quickly can the system achieve this temperature?

The latest Bunsen Air Solar Assisted Heat pump field trials, carried out by Solamics, have demonstrated the exceptional speed that your cylinder can be heated back up to temperature. (Details of which can be found on the Bunsen Facebook page)

Will there be enough hot water to go around?

After this process has taken place, there is enough hot water generated to accommodate the use of an average domestic household, before the heating process has started again to ensure the continued supply of hot water. If more hot water is required, just increase the target temperature, or use the ‘boost’ function on the system controller.

A Bunsen Air customer, who recently had a system installed on his home, told Solamics…

“We are a family of four who are all extremely active and tend to go for a run every evening, that’s 4 showers one after the other – before we had the Bunsen installed, there would be a fight to the death as to who got into the bathroom first, now, there is no urgency whatsoever, there is always more than enough hot water to go around – the Bunsen has NEVER let us down”!