Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Collector Panels

The dual exhaust and flow channel technology, that makes the Bunsen Air, a supreme solar water heater.

Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Collector Panels

Solar collector panels, thermodynamic panels , hot water panels— whatever you choose to call them, are the most vital component to any thermodynamic hot water system, without which, the generation of thermodynamic hot water would not be possible.

How do solar collector panels work?

Thermodynamic hot water panels work as an O-zone safe refrigerant moves through them and collects energy from the atmosphere. This refrigerant then heats up and changes its state from a liquid to a gas  or, a ‘super-heated vapour’. The super-heated vapour returns to the heat pump unit, where it is compressed back to a liquid, and the resulting heat is transferred via a heat exchanger to the water within the hot water cylinder.

The refrigerant, which will generally have a boiling point of under -26 degrees, takes in energy from the atmosphere as it moves through the flow channels of the panels, working in wind, rain, hail or snow, and even working at night.

What could be improved?

Despite this technology already being a proven method for the generation of domestic hot water, Solamics looked at how this process could be made more efficient and result in a high power/ low energy system.

With most existing thermodynamic hot water systems only featuring one solar collector panel as standard, Solamics Bunsen Air considered how incorporating two panels into any one solar hot water heater, could improve system power and efficiency, equally to this, Solamics thought about how all existing system panels, only featured one exhaust pipe, so why couldn’t they feature two?

In the same way that a dual exhaust feature is known to improve a cars performance, Solamics Bunsen Air knew, that by incorporating dual exhaust technology into the design of the Bunsen thermodynamic hot water panels, they could create a solar panel that would make for superior power and efficiency, and this is how…

How dual exhaust technology makes the Bunsen Air of significant power and efficiency

All existing thermodynamic solar collector panels feature one entry and one exit flow pipe, enabling the liquid refrigerant to move into and around the panel, before exiting as a gas, however the Bunsen Air features ‘dual exhaust’ exit pipes, meaning that the ‘super heated vapour’ leaving the collector panels, is driven away faster and far more efficiently. This makes for higher power and efficiency of heat production, as the gas is then compressed back into a liquid and increases the water cylinder temperature.

Alongside the dual exhaust feature, Solamics Bunsen Air looked at how they could improve the flow channels of Bunsen Air heat pump s  solar collector panels.

What they created are highly technical flow channels, which are critical factors to the Bunsen Air’s enhanced performance. These flow channels, ensure even spread around the full panel area, as the refrigerant heats up to a gas before exiting the panels via the dual exhaust exit pipes.

Working together with the dual exhaust feature, both the Bunsen Air thermodynamic solar collector panels are able to efficiently transfer the free energy from external weather conditions to the Bunsen controller, and increase the efficiency and speed of heating up your hot water.#

Protected Design

Solamics have collaborated with numerous other institutions, including a top University in China, which holds one of the highest engineering rankings in the World.

The specialized research centre belonging to this University, has been involved in thermodynamic technology over 15 years.

For this reason, Solamics have ensured that the unique and effective design of the flow channels and the dual pipe exhaust technology, are protected for their originality, and it is a valuable IP for the entire system.

How to learn more

If you are an hot water system installer or renewable energy supplier, then Infinity Innovations Ltd welcome you to visit their Bunsen Air training centre.

It is here, that you can see and experience the Bunsen Air solar powered water system up close and in action, and discover for yourself just how powerful Solamics Bunsen Air thermodynamic technology really is.